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Improve your singing with Singing Success.

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Welcome to Shared Visions Unlimited

Exploring Art, Music, Nature, Knowledge, and Success

Do you have a vision for the world that you would like to share?

Shared Visions Unlimited was created by Greg Dixon and has evolved over the last decade or so to provide a wide range of information, sites, and services including:

  • Video production for marketing, workshops, presentations, weddings, special events, concerts, music videos, and more. Video samples are at
  • Audio production for concerts, events, and recordings.
  • Help finding musicians for events.
  • Knowledge sites such as Exploring English and Exploring Music.
  • Website consulting and creation.
  • Reviews of worthwhile books and recordings.
  • More ...

Knowledge Sites:

Singing Success has a new program called Singing Success 360™ that provides a range of singing lessons and tools for computers and mobile devices. The current 50% off sale includes access to the community resources and a one hour private lesson with Skype. Please click the graphic to the right to learn more.


Subject keywords: video production, audio production, personal growth,language skills, literature appreciation, enjoyment and mastery of music,education