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Welcome to Shared Visions Unlimited

Do you have a vision for the world
that you would like to share?

Shared Visions Unlimited was created by Greg Dixon and has evolved over the last decade or so to provide a wide range of information, sites, and services including:

  • Video production for marketing, workshops, presentations, weddings, special events, concerts, music videos, and more. Video samples are at
  • Marketing services, including video, writing, media, webinars, sales funnels, and learning about marketing automation. See A Simple Marketing Plan.
  • Audio production for concerts, events, and recordings.
  • Help finding musicians for events.
  • Knowledge sites such as Exploring English and Exploring Music.
  • Website consulting and creation.
  • Reviews of worthwhile books and recordings.
  • More ...

I have not always seen what all of the above have to do with each other, but the connections are coming into focus.

Most of my clients come asking for something specific like a video or help with a website. Often what they ask for is only a component of what they need to move their company, product, or project forward. In broad terms, most need help with planning, marketing, and publicity. Video, websites, audio, blogs, printed materials, ad copy, and social media campaigns are tools to achieve planned goals and strategies.

So moving forward in 2015, new projects will include a consulting process with a roadmap document to help plan what components to implement over time. In most cases this will involve tweaking and creating assets and strategies to work together. The initial consultation is free and I can provide an estimate for creating a roadmap with recommendations and estimates for implementing components of the roadmap. The recommendations could include things for you to do, things for Shared Visions Unlimited to provide, or suggestions for other trusted companies to provide.

I will be adding much more about this to the site soon. Meanwhile, please send a note to Greg Dixon to discuss your vision for the future. Let's get started!

Knowledge Sites:

Singing Success has a new program called Singing Success 360™ that provides a range of singing lessons and tools for computers and mobile devices. The current 50% off sale includes access to the community resources and a one hour private lesson with Skype. Please click the graphic to the right to learn more.


Recent Items

Recent Articles:

New Websites
Here are a few new websites built by Shared Visions Unlimited.

HR Decisions Ltd.
Psychological assessments for various staff and management positions.

Welcome to Shared Visions Unlimited
Shared Visions Unlimited provides articles, reviews, services, and resources for achieving success in business and creative projects. Explore music, the English language, literature, and more..

Singing Success 360 Review
Develop a great voice with Brett Manning's Singing Success 360.

Lazy Morning Yoga
Yoga for days when you are not ready to get out of bed.

North Shore Food Connections
A survey of food groups helping the North Shore Community

Recent Reviews:

Pathways to Bliss: Mythology and Personal Transformation
Joseph Campbell was a master at taking the rich mythologies of world cultures and making them relevant for living life today.
The Painter's Keys
A Seminar With Robert Genn

A transcript of a two-day seminar with Robert Genn that includes many valuable insights into the business, motivation, quality, and mindset of being a successful artist.

Children's Writer's & Illustrator's Market
Listings and informative articles for artists, illustrators, photographers, and writers interested in marketing their work for the preschool and young adult audience.
The Last Days of John Lennon
A person memoir written by a person assistent to John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

Rocket Norton: Lost In Space
The book they said couldn't be written (some said shouldn't be written) is here.
2012 Songwriter's Market
A great collection of markets, resources, and advice for song writers.

Recent Explorations (surveys and exercises):

Goal Setting Exercise [Planning Exercise]
Exercise to help identify goals and actions. [12 questions] Available to members only

Personal Status Report [Planning Exercise]
Questions to help track progress and plan future tasks. [8 questions] Available to members only

To Do Or Not To Do [Decisions Exercise]
Simple questions to help make a decision. [5 questions] Available to members only

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